I dealt with a few different people in my 6 months and I can only say positive things about my interactions with everyone I worked with. They were patient, encouraging, motivating and a welcomed ally in the lonely world that is Entrepreneurship. This is my 3rd business, with the first 2 being expensive lessons of growth when it came to striking it out on your own. I thought this program is going to be a piece of cake, but I am happy to report it was NOT. I learned critical lessons that every business owner should consider if they are going to truly make things work and grow their businesses properly. The homework made me have to look at areas of my business that made me uncomfortable, and I am grateful. It forced me to rethink the strategy I was taking in certain areas and ultimately grounded me in proper business processes that I was addressing too superficially. 

The $5000 dollar grant was a nice incentive towards completing the training, but the training itself was well worth the investment of time and effort. My business plan is robust, complete and legitimate allowing me to grow my business even more than I originally thought.

My sincerest of gratitude to the team at the Brampton Entrepreneur Center that is working so hard to build a strong, vibrant and successful small business community. 

Great work guys!

Carolina - GO 2 GIRL Administrative Solutions

The program refreshed ideas I knew, helped me gain the confidence I needed and further made me dust off my abilities and shine.  Thank you for everything.  The $5000 is greatly appreciated and will go towards our marketing program "Only in Downtown Brampton" and Daniel Bishun was an amazing advisor!

Tracy Pepe - Nose Knows Design